Tena koe e Whakaora Ngangahau

I am Marcia Underwood, face of AMPS NZ (now that my esteemed colleague Diane Henare has stepped down). I work at the Child Health Centre in Northland and have held previous roles in Mental Health inpatient and community settings, medical wards, private practice and pain management and have used AMPS in all of these settings.

I have found AMPS beneficial for:

  • Giving feedback that is precise and easy to understand to clients, their families and team members
  • Providing professional language to describe activities of daily living
  • Using the structured observations to inform interventions

I have taught AMPS in New Zealand and Australia since 2006.

My personal and professional values are:

  • Enjoy what I do
  • Encourage collaboration
  • Explore opportunities
  • Empower ourselves

I welcome your contact and look forward to networking with you.

Kia pai to ra