Wonderwood is all about gorgeous shirts for men to look fabulous in while at work or at play. We aim to empower men to express themselves with a good NZ shirt experience.
At Wonderwood we believe in taking our responsibilities seriously, and ourselves a little less seriously.

Other than that our values are simple:

  • enjoy Wonderwood

  • encourage collaboration

  • explore opportunities

And at Wonderwood nothing pleases us more than seeing how handsome you are in your Wonderwood shirts! We put so much value on choosing fabric that will feel wonderful (and will endure) for all of our limited edition styles. We favour the 100% cottons from Soktas in Turkey as the base of our shirts. Then we can't resist adding fabrics we adore, and which you will too, once you have been introduced. Like vintage silk full of history from Japan. And luxurious organic cloth. And also bold prints of Maori art.
Not your everyday shirt experience!

So this is the Wonderwood process;

  • Marcia discovers the gorgeous fabrics

  • Richie and his team manufacture the shirts

  • Jonathan and Gill take care of the branding

  • Grant has shirts in store for you

  • Barbara and Jules provide business coaching

  • Kyle provides the IT expertise

Marcia takes care of all the rest, seeking always to maintain an equilibrium of grace, ease and wit!

About Marcia


For those curious about Wonderwood Director, Marcia Underwood, lets add that one day she woke up and realised how much fun she was missing by not giving 'living the dream' a go.  So abandoning the security of her career in Occupational Therapy she embarked on a journey of courage and uncertainty towards an unknown end point within the fashion industry and no regrets in old age!

Marcia has lived in NZ all her life.  On her mothers side her ancestors travelled from Ireland and Scotland to make the Bay of Plenty their home in the early 1800’s.  On her fathers side her ancestor travelled from England at around the same time to settle in the Waikato with feisty Ngati Pou tupuna whaia, Tiramate.

Marcia is grateful everyday to enjoy the privilege of support from her husband and 3 children.